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Do you fancy something different but lack the time or the inclination to spend hours in the kitchen ?

Look no further- recreate a 'restaurant style' meal in less time than you think.

Relax and enjoy.

Put the zing back into meal times,after a long day at work, imagine coming home and preparing  a delicious meal  in the comfort of your own home without any fuss or bother.  Try one of our curry kits or bbq spice dry marinades/rubs 

Curry kits

Our  freshly ground Curry spice kits with their own recipe cards  allow you to prepare a meal for 3/4people  with no waste, no artificial additives or colourants and most importantly with the minimum of fuss. All our curry kits have been devised to remove the guess work in preparing a restaurant style curry.Check out our Curry kits page and see what's available for you to try. 

 Curry pastes. Both Indian Curries and Thai curries can be prepared using our made to order pastes, no more crying over onions and chopping garlic and ginger, or chillies its all done for you. Our Thai  curry pastes only use the freshest of ingredients so they are at their most aromatic every time.

Spice rubs/marinades

Brighten up your BBQs and roasts by using one of our many spice rubs/marinades , spice up your roast chicken with a Mediterranean twist or treat the family to Mexican fajitas in 20mins. All our spice rubs are prepared with freshness in mind and without the addition of artificial additives or colourants. Try our Tandoori BBQ spice kit, all the flavour of your Indian Restaurant but the colour is provided by Beetroot powder.

Tailored to your taste buds.

As all our spice blends are hand prepared in our kitchen, we can tailor each spice mix to your personal preference for hot and spicy or meek and mild.
Prefer to make your meals from scratch
No problem, for those who prefer to make their meals from scratch we have a selection of whole and powdered spices. We specialise in selling smaller quantities so that your spices stay fresh when you use them and because our prices are competitive you can place a regular order.
Please note that you are unable at the present to order and pay on this site, however please e-mail us your requirements and we will let you know where we are and do our best to get the supplies to you. We can provide a postal service for spices and dry spice mixes only.
The site is still under construction so please bear with us  as we try and provide a reliable and affordable supply of fresh spices and spice blends

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